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Protect Your Home & Appliances from rolling blackouts

February 18, 2021

The abnormal weather has severely stressed the San Antonio electrical grid. On February 15th, stated they are “implementing controlled outages… to prevent uncontrolled blackouts.” As homeowners continue to work from home and use appliances with heavy electrical demand (like space heaters), it is likely the controlled outages will continue until the weather warms up.

As this weather and rolling blackouts persist, here are some pointers to protect your home and appliances:

  1. Unplug all devices that are not being used
  2. Use surge protectors
  3. Don’t overload outlets or electrical circuits
  4. Properly reset a tripped breaker

Unplug all devices that are not being used

This includes laptops, phones, TVs, and even large appliances such as washing machines.

Electronics and appliances are sensitive and can be damaged due to a sudden power surge. This is most likely to occur when the power is being shut off or turned back on.

Use surge protectors

If you do not have a whole home surge protection system or cannot unplug all of your devices, use surge protectors to protect electronics such as laptops and phones.

Be careful how much you plug into a single outlet or electrical circuit

Do not plug in multiple power strips to one outlet, or multiple space heaters to the same circuit. Doing so is likely to trip the breaker, or could invite serious risk of an electrical fire.

Properly reset a tripped breaker

First, find the breaker that has tripped. Next, push the handle on the breaker all the way off (it is common for the breaker handle to be stuck in the middle). Finally, turn the breaker back on.

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