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Get a Free Water Heater with the purchase of a HALO 5 Water System!

Plus 12 Months NO PAYMENTS and NO INTEREST!*

Our HALO 5 Maintenance Free Whole House Filtration & Conditioning System features 5 filtration steps that purify every drop of water that enters your home.

First, the 4 separate media beds provide high levels of filtration, removing all traces of chlorine, chloramines, man-made pollutants, objectionable tastes, and more from your water.

Then the eco-friendly HALO ION conditioner solves your hard water problems by physically, not chemically, treating the water so that the minerals stay suspended, instead of attacking your pipes and appliances. This method not only helps prevent corrosion due to scale, but it will also dissolve the existing scale over time.

To learn more about our HALO 5 system, watch the video below.

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