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How Much Does Drain Clearing Cost in Texas?

May 27, 2022

Have a slow-moving drain? Do you have frequent clogs in your shower, toilet, or bathroom sink? It may be time to have your drains cleared.

The average cost to clear a drain is $298, but the cost to clear a drain in Texas can range anywhere from $93-$480+.

While that’s definitely an extensive cost range, there are a handful of factors that can impact the cost, including:

  • The location of the clog
  • Access to the clog
  • The severity of the problem causing the clog
  • The use of a video camera for inspection
  • The plumber you hire

You’ll need a plumber to give you an exact quote, but to help you prepare and budget, we’ll explain how each factor impacts your overall drain cleaning cost.

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The Location of the Clog

Main lines carry your home’s wastewater to the city’s sewer lines or to your septic tank, and secondary lines carry wastewater to your main line.

The price of your drain clearing can depend on where your clog is located and how difficult it is to access the pipe where the clog is located.

In Texas, there are two types of drains: a main line and a secondary drain line. Main line clogs can be more expensive to clear than clogs located in secondary sewer lines.

Main line: Your main line is your sewer line that carries wastewater directly from your house to the city connection or your septic tank. All of your drains dump into your main line, and it’s usually located underneath your yard and can be difficult to access.

A tell-tale sign of a main sewer line clog is when multiple drains in your home clog simultaneously (e.g., if you flush your toilet and your bathtub backs up with sewage).

Often with main line clogs, a professional plumber will use a camera to inspect and pinpoint the exact location of the clog. If the clog is located further down the line, they’ll need specialized machinery to access it. This will probably increase your cost, as more time and equipment are necessary.

Secondary drain lines: You have many secondary drain lines in your home, such as sink drains, shower drains, and toilet lines. Secondary sewer lines carry wastewater from these secondary sources and funnel it into the main sewer line.

Unlike the main line, secondary lines aren’t impacted by clogs in other secondary lines. When there’s a clog in a secondary line like a shower drain, you will likely still be able to use the plumbing everywhere else in the home because the lines are not connected.

Access to the Clog

Example of a plumbing cleanout with a pipe and cap.

The more difficult a clog is to access, the more expensive it will be to clear.

For a plumber to clear a main sewer line clog, they will need to access what is known as the “cleanout.” Generally, cleanouts are located outside your home near the street, in basements, or even in one of the bathrooms.

A cleanout is identified by a 3-4 inch cast iron or plastic pipe with a cap sticking out of the ground or a mini manhole cover, and is where your home’s plumbing system connects to the main sewer or septic system. Once your plumber opens the cleanout, they can start clearing the drain.

If your cleanout is hard to reach or access, your cost can increase because more time and labor is involved. For example, if you have an exterior cleanout covered by several feet of landscape, your plumber could spend quite a bit of time digging to access it.

Note: If the clog isn’t located in either the main sewer or secondary lines, you might have an issue with your sewer vent pipe. Located on the roof, it ventilates sewage gas while regulating air pressure. When clogged with leaves and other debris, it can stop your sewer line from draining correctly.

Because it’s more difficult to reach, sewer vent cleanouts are more expensive to fix.

How Severe the Clog is

Your cost can increase depending on how severe or complicated your clog is. Tougher clogs, such as those caused by fats, oils, or grease buildup, require more powerful tools and more labor, which increases cost.

Mild clogs can include things like hair, food, toilet paper, or hygiene products that are stuck in your drain line. Generally, plumbers can easily remove these types of clogs with plumbing snakes or drain cleaning cable machines. These are basic handheld tools that work wonderfully to remove secondary drain line clogs.

Severe clogs are typically caused by heavy sludge from fats, oils, or grease buildup, or big tree roots. A plumber will likely need to use a hydro jetting 3 device for severe clogs. Hydro jetters are more powerful and complicated to use than simple snakes and are more effective at clearing tough clogs with high-pressure streams of water.

The Use of a Video Camera for Inspection

Professional plumbers can use a specialty video camera to locate the clog.

If your plumber can’t see the clog with their naked eye or is unsure of its exact location, the use of a camera for inspection may be required, which can increase your cost. Video cameras used for inspection can cost around $150-$300.

Specially-built waterproof video camera snakes are pushed through a pipeline to complete a visual inspection of sewer lines and other difficult-to-reach pipes. Video camera inspections are often used for pipes that are underground, encased in concrete, behind walls, underneath your home’s foundation, etc.

The cost depends on the length of your pipes and how easily your cleanout can be accessed. While this may seem unnecessary, video camera pipe inspections take the guesswork out of problems hiding inside pipes and help your plumber plan the fastest (and least expensive) way to fix your problem—saving you money in the long run!

The Plumber You Hire

When searching for a trustworthy professional, make sure to look for one that has:

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