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Electrical Panel Upgrades & Replacements in San Antonio, TX

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Cost to install an electrical panel:

  • Low$2,300
  • Average$3,332
  • High$4,166

What affects cost?

The cost to replace a main electrical panel depends on several factors, including:

  • Panel size. Larger panels that provide more electrical current are more expensive to install.
  • Whether new wiring is needed. If your current wiring is old or isn't designed to handle the higher amperage of your new panel, you'll need to rewire your home, which increases costs.
  • Whether trenching is needed. If your home isn't currently getting enough electricity (from utility lines) to accommodate the new panel, you'll need to dig up the supply line and replace/upgrade the line.
  • Company you hire. You’ll pay more for skilled, licensed electricians who know how to properly install your new electrical panel.

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    After a whole-home electrical inspection, we'll help you choose the perfect panel size for your home & budget. We'll even find applicable rebates & discounts and fill out paperwork on your behalf.

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    Our team checks all system measurements & installations 3 times over to make sure the job is done right.

  4. Smart Home Upgrades Available!

    Alongside your new panel, ask your professional about upgrading with a complete smart home kit so you can control your home's appliances, energy use & more—all from your phone.

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    Your 1st year's on us. What's included? An electrical inspection, HVAC tune-ups, plumbing tune-ups, 24/7 monitoring, discounts on repairs and so much more!

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Customer Testimonial

“I could not be happier with Jon Wayne and their amazing team...“

Justin Bandy and George spent many hours at my home in the freezing cold running wires, grounding my house and prepping for a new electrical panel. They were polite, considerate, professional. They went out of their way to make sure I could keep working at my job while they did all of the electrical to make my home finally safe. When they come back next week to finish up, they are bringing a generator to plug my computer into so I won't miss any work. I could not be happier with Jon Wayne and their amazing team of Justin and George. Thank you guys!

—Nancy S.

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