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Garbage disposal installation services in San Antonio, TX

Same-Day Garbage Disposal Installations

If you're dealing with a broken garbage disposal or you're working on remodeling your kitchen, we know how important a speedy garbage disposal replacement or installation can be. We'll get your job done in 1.5 hours on average. When you hire Jon Wayne, you'll never have to wait around for your replacement or installation.

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What's the cost to replace or install a garbage disposal?

Replacement & Install cost:

  • Low$256
  • Average$585
  • High$998

What affects the cost?

  • Repair vs. Install - Installing a new garbage disposal will typically cost more than simply repairing your existing garbage disposal. However, if the damage to your garbage disposal is significant enough, you may need to replace your garbage disposal.
  • Motor size - One of the biggest cost factors that will impact your garbage disposal installation is the motor size needed for your home. If you have a larger household or have had frequent problems with your garbage disposal jamming in the past, you will need a larger motor size. The larger the motor size, the more the installation will cost.
  • Condition and age - Garbage disposals are made of either stainless steel or galvanized steel. Stainless steel garbage disposals are commercial-grade, less susceptible to rust, and tend to last 15+ years. However, they are more expensive to install. Meanwhile, galvanized steel garbage disposals are cheaper to install but rust and corrode more easily. If your current galvanized steel garbage disposal is rusted out, your service cost will increase.

How it works

Our Convenient Process:

  1. Easily schedule an appointment.

    At Jon Wayne, we make scheduling an appointment easy for you with convenient scheduling windows. We also offer same-day service for garbage disposal installations and replacements with a 97% success rate of jobs being completed the same day. If you hire us, you won't have to wait around forever to get your garbage disposal replaced or installed.

  2. Get red-carpet service.

    When our plumbers show up at your door (on time) with our red doormat, they'll put on shoe covers and place down drop clothes before entering. We want to provide you with an excellent customer experience from start to finish, so we start off every job by respecting your home.

  3. Relax while we replace or install your new garbage disposal.

    If you've contacted us for a garbage disposal installation, our team will get to work as soon as possible. We will provide you with suggestions and a selection of disposals to choose from, along with their costs. We'll then expertly install the garbage disposal then triple-check it to make sure the job has been done correctly.

  4. Enjoy your new garbage disposal.

    Once we're done triple-checking everything, we'll clean up after ourselves before we leave. We'll ensure that your home is just as clean as we found it.

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Customer Testimonial

“Replaced my garbage disposal (and repaired my toilet!) in 1 hour“

Fabulous experience. The guys were on time, fixed my master toilet and my garbage disposal in about 1 hour. Very courteous, respectful, and professional.

—Ann M.

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