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How Much Does a Heat Pump Repair Cost in San Antonio, TX?

April 29, 2021

If you have a heat pump, you’re likely going to need a professional heat pump repair at some point during its lifetime. (And if you’re googling “cost of a heat pump repair”, we’re willing to bet that time has come for you.)

So we’ll get right to answering your question: The cost of a heat pump repair in the San Antonio area ranges anywhere from $150 to over $900.

We know, that’s a wide range.

That’s because the cost of your specific heat pump repair depends on the following factors:

  • How much labor is required

  • The cost of any needed replacement parts

  • Whether your warranties are valid

  • The service provider you chose

To help you prepare financially for your heat pump repair, we’ll explain each of these factors in more detail below.

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Cost factor #1: How much labor is required

Simply put, the more labor-intensive the repair, the higher the overall cost.

Labor costs are always the bulk of any professional service. What you’re essentially paying for is a certified HVAC technician’s skill set, experience and many years of training. That’s why it’s so important to choose a contractor who is experienced, NATE-certified and knowledgeable on your particular heat pump model. Otherwise, you’re potentially spending your money to have a poorly-trained, inexperienced tech cause further damage to your heat pump.

Another aspect to consider is how widely repairs can vary when it comes to labor costs.

For example, a compressor replacement can cost upwards of $900 (just in labor costs) while a capacitor replacement might cost under $100 (just for labor).

The bottom line is that you won’t have much control over how much labor your repair requires. However, you DO have control over the quality of the technician/contractor that you choose. So choose wisely.

Cost factor #2: The cost of any needed replacement part(s)

Cost is affected by:

  1. Availability - R-22 being phased out, difficulty in finding parts.

The more replacement parts are needed for your repair, the more the repair will cost. Additionally, the more complex those parts are, the more they typically cost.

For example, a compressor is one of the most complex and integral parts of a heat pump. It is the component that pumps refrigerant throughout the system to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Because it is so complex, the part itself (not including labor) is very expensive.

On the other hand, a less complex part such as a basic thermostat might cost hundreds less to replace.

Cost factor #3: Whether your warranties are valid

If your labor or manufacturers warranty is still valid (or better yet, if both are still valid), your out-of-pocket costs for your heat pump repair will be much lower.

We’ll explain how these 2 different warranties work…

Your labor warranty…

...covers the labor costs for any needed repairs that arise due to faulty installation work. This warranty is offered by the contractor who first installed your heat pump. Depending on the contractor, a labor warranty typically lasts anywhere from 1-2 years after installation.

To determine if your labor warranty is still valid, contact the company/contractor who installed your heat pump.

Your manufacturer’s warranty…

...covers the cost of any replacement parts needed due to manufacturer defects. This warranty is offered by the manufacturer (i.e. Trane, Lennox, etc.) and can last anywhere from 5-10 years for a limited parts warranty but most manufacturers will also offer a lifetime warranty on the compressor.

If you’re unsure whether your manufacturer’s warranty is still valid, contact the manufacturer. Make sure that you have your heat pump model # on hand before you contact the manufacturer, though, as this will help them locate and look up your warranty status.

Cost factor #4: The service provider you choose

Certified and license service providers will often charge more for their labor and services.

However, as we mentioned in cost factor #1, what you’re paying for is essentially peace of mind that your heat pump repair will be completed correctly, the first time around. Paying a tad more upfront for a quality, renowned service provider will likely save you time, money and stress in the long run.

As tempting as it is to choose a cheap contractor, we urge you to do your homework before signing anything.

To help you weed out low-quality, inexperienced contractors, make sure that you choose someone who:

  • Is NATE-certified, licensed and insured in the state of Texas

  • Has great online reviews

  • Provides an estimate before any work is done

  • Provides the estimate in writing

  • Guarantees their work and provides a solid labor warranty

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