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What Is The Typical Life span for Heating and Cooling Systems? How To Prepare for Replacement

June 03, 2019

It’s a common question homeowners ask: What is the typical life span for heating and cooling systems? I don't want to have to constantly ask techs for AC repair and furnace repair if it's time to completely replace the system.

It’s a question you can answer by looking at several factors: how the capacity of the system was determined, if the system is original equipment with the home, how the system was designed, how the system was installed, how the system is maintained and of course the quality of the equipment itself. You have some control over the longevity of your system — which means how soon you will need to replace it depends partly on you.

In general, you can expect about a 15-year life span for most furnaces and A/Cs. A poorly designed and installed system may only last 6 or 7 years, while a system that is properly sized, designed, installed and maintained can last well over 20 years. The sizing, design and installation of a new HVAC system is the sole responsibility of the installing contractor. This is why Consumer Reports states that finding a trustworthy contractor is what matters most.

Regular maintenance keeps a system clean and helps to avoid excess wear and tear. For instance, a compressor may be manufactured to operate for 15 years, but with too little maintenance it’s likely to wear out sooner. So if you’ve maintained your HVAC systems, you can expect a longer life from them. In fact, most warranties require regular maintenance in order to redeem them.

The typical system life span for heating and cooling equipment can work for – or against – you. When it is time to replace your system, find a quality contractor to size, design and install your new equipment and keep your system well maintained.

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