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When to Schedule Garbage Disposal Removal

June 03, 2019

If you currently have a garbage disposal installed in your home, chances are, you probably can’t imagine your everyday food prep and cleanup without it. Unfortunately, like all plumbing appliances and equipment, your garbage disposal will eventually stop working as efficiently as it used to—or even stop working completely.

How Long Will My Garbage Disposal Last?

On average, your garbage disposal should last you a good number of years before the blades will wear down or the motor will burn out. Depending on when you installed it (modern garbage disposals are much more long-lasting than older ones), you can expect your garbage disposal to last anywhere from 8 – 15 years. Of course, this depends on how frequently you use it and if you use it properly.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

What do we mean by use it properly? We all know there are certain things that shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals are only meant for biodegradable food—you should never put anything down there like bones, plastic, or metal (such as silverware).

But even certain foods shouldn’t—ideally—be allowed to pass through the disposal, including:

  • Grease and oil, which can solidify in the drain and cause clogs
  • Stringy vegetables (like celery), which can get caught on the blades and cause clogs
  • Rice or pasta, which expand when wet
  • Fruit pits or any other hard food that can damage the blades

Do I Need Garbage Disposal Removal?

If you’re garbage disposal is between 8 and 15 years old and it’s experiencing any of the following problems, it’s possible that you need garbage disposal removal:

  • Your garbage disposal won’t run.
  • Your garbage disposal runs slowly.
  • Your garbage disposal operates noisily.
  • Your garbage disposal is clogged or jammed.
  • Your garbage disposal is leaking.
  • Your garbage disposal makes a humming noise.
  • Your garbage disposal doesn’t make any noise at all.
  • And more.

If you plan to remove your garbage disposal yourself, it’s vital that you turn off the electricity to the disposal for safety purposes. Once you’ve removed your garbage disposal, installing a new one is generally a simple process. Of course, if you don’t want to mess around with it, or don’t have the tools to do it, we can certainly help you!

When removing your garbage disposal and replacing it with a new one, you’ll need to make sure you get the same size (or larger) disposal. Garbage disposals come in several horsepower (HP) sizes, and a plumber can help you determine which size you need.

If you need garbage disposal removal, installation, repair, or replacement in the San Antonio area, give Jon Wayne a call today or schedule online.

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