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Do I Need a Shower Pan?

June 03, 2019

If you’re remodeling your bathroom or simply upgrading to a new shower, you might be wondering if you need a shower pan (sometimes called a shower base). Your shower pan is the part of your shower that makes up the floor and directs the water down your drain.

Each shower pan is installed with a slight slope—allowing all of your excess shower water to roll off of it and go down your drain. Think of your shower pan like a funnel.

Why Is a Shower Pan Important?

Shower pans are made of waterproof material, like acrylic, fiberglass, and PVC. If you plan to install a tile floor in your shower, a shower pan is crucial because it provides a waterproof surface to lay the tile on.

Even if you don’t plan to use tile, a shower pan is important for protecting your floor and subfloor from any leaks that may get through. This is because grout or concrete used to install your shower is not waterproof (at least not completely!).

Can I Install a Shower Pan Myself?

Only if you are experienced! A professional plumber understands the exact angle of slope necessary for your shower pan to drain properly. In addition, many showers require custom-sized shower pans that you won’t be able to find at your local home improvement store.

Without a professional shower pan installation, you risk standing water in your shower or tub, as well as potential leaks and costly damage to your floors and subfloors. Mold and mildew can also result from a poor draining or leaking shower—which could be harmful to yourself and your family.

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