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How Much Does a Furnace Tune‑Up Cost in San Antonio?

October 04, 2022

In the San Antonio area, furnace tune-up prices range anywhere from $50 to over $200.

That’s a wide range, we know.

And the reasons behind the price variance are important because you can usually determine the level of quality you’re getting by the price you’re paying.

To help you avoid paying for a low-quality tune-up (or worse, falling victim to a tune-up scam), we’ll discuss:

  • Why you should invest in a furnace tune-up
  • The factors that dictate how much a tune-up costs
  • The difference between one-time tune-ups and a maintenance plan

Interested in a reliable furnace tune-up to keep your system running strong all winter long? Contact us. We offer our Furnace “Super” Tune-Up, a 35-Point Tune-Up backed by our famous “No Winter Breakdown” Guarantee.

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Why you should invest in a furnace tune-up

Investing in a furnace tune-up at least once a year will:

  • Keep your system efficient, which saves you money on utility bills
  • Fix small furnace issues before they become expensive repairs
  • Keep your furnace manufacturer’s warranty valid
  • Extend the life of your system

We suggest that you schedule your annual furnace tune-up before the heating season. Any issues are fixed before your furnace starts operating in full force.

Of course, when homeowners start preparing to schedule their annual tune-up, they often notice that the cost of a furnace tune-up can vary dramatically from one contractor to the next. This can make it hard to pick a company to perform the tune-up.

To help you better understand what a good price really is, let’s take a deeper look at some factors that determine how much a tune-up costs.

Factors that impact how much a tune-up costs

As we mentioned, furnace tune-up prices range anywhere from the low $30s to more than $150. So why the big price discrepancy?

How much a company will charge for their furnace tune-up depends on:

  • The checklist of services included. This is often referred to as “points.” For example, a 16-point tune-up would mean the company promises to perform 16 specific services/checks during the tune-up. Typically, the longer the checklist, the higher the price of the tune-up. We suggest choosing a company that offers at least a 16-point tune-up, however, more points are even better. For example, at Jon Wayne, we offer a 35-point tune-up.

Our suggestion: Ask companies for the checklist in writing so that you can compare tune-ups from different companies. Beware of companies that can’t provide this breakdown.

  • The quality and certifications of the techs. Companies that offer higher-qualified techs will often charge more for their tune-ups. However, keep in mind that techs with higher certifications will provide higher-quality tune-ups and be able to spot more issues and fix them correctly before they turn into expensive repairs.

Our suggestion: Choose a company whose techs are licensed, insured, and NATE-certified.

  • Whether they’re running a special or not. It’s common for companies to offer limited-time discounts on their furnace tune-ups in the Fall (right before the heating season).

Our suggestion: Be on the lookout for a good deal but avoid companies offering rock-bottom prices (under $30) for their tune-ups. Low prices may indicate a company that will provide quick, sloppy tune-up work and/or tries to upsell you on repairs that may not even be needed.

The difference between a one-time tune-up and a maintenance plan

Keep in mind that many homeowners opt to enroll in a maintenance plan instead of buying yearly furnace tune-ups.

A maintenance plan differs from a one-time tune-up because it incorporates many other benefits and the tune-up service itself. Plus, maintenance plan prices are typically a small monthly fee vs. a one-time payment.

For example, at Jon Wayne, we offer a one-time, 35-point “Super” Tune-Up for a flat fee. However, we also offer a maintenance plan, the 5-Star Service Club, for a monthly fee.

For $29.95/mo, our maintenance plan members get:

  • 4 tune-ups all completed the same day (heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical)
  • Discounted home service repairs
  • Front-of-line priority service for repairs
  • Unlimited free service calls
  • Exclusive pricing
  • 24/7 customer concierge hotline
  • $50 in loyalty credits every year
  • And much more…

Because of all the additional benefits, homeowners who enroll in a maintenance plan often save more money in the long run than homeowners who continually buy one-time tune-ups.

Interested in a furnace tune-up? Choose Jon Wayne

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At Jon Wayne, we offer our famous 5-Star Maintenance Plan and one-time tune-ups. Our tune-up services include 35 different points of service along with a written report after the service is completed.

Each and every one of our techs are NATE-certified and will make sure you understand what was completed during each tune-up. Plus, they’ll explain what’s wrong and how much the repair will cost if any repairs are needed. We’ll always give you upfront pricing before any work is completed.

For honest and reliable furnace tune-ups, trust the team at Jon Wayne.

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